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All About Dogs

About Me

All About Me!!

Hi my name is Cassie and I love dogs. I live with my Mom, Dad, Sister (Cady), Sasha and Princess (my dogs), and Casper, Socks, and Tigger (my cats). When I grow up i want to be a vet. In school my favorite subject is science. I also play a lot of sports. I play volleyball, basketball, and baseball. So far my favorite sport is baseball.

Well I love the color pink.And I love my dogs!!

Volley Ball

Favorite Stuff

I Mostly love to play sports!

favorite tv show:Animal Planet

type of music: anything but country

favorite sport: volleyball

favorite book:Animal Hospital

favorite food:Mac&Cheese

Favorite Quotes

In this area, I might include quotes I like or that I feel capture my feelings, for example:

One of my best friends is Stephanie!! Shes the best. She always makes me laugh. I LOVE YOU STEPH!!